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Sample Survey Questions 3

This document contains different types of questions such as organizational questions, profiling questions, program or event questions and so on.

Sample Survey Questions 3
Sample Survey Questions 3
Programs & Exhibitions
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Sample Survey Questions
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Organizational Questions:
What three words would you use to describe this organization to a friend
1. __________________________________
2. __________________________________
3. __________________________________
this your first visit to our organization ____Yes ____No
If no, how many times do you usually visit each year
____Less than once a year ____2 or 3 times ____4 or 5 times ____More than 5 times
Would you recommend it to a friend or relative ____Yes ____No
Are you a member ____Yes ____No ____In the past, but not now
Have you ever visited this our organization for any of the following activities
(Check all that apply)
____A special event ____A concert ____A guided tour
____A family program ____A lecture ____A studio class
____Our gift shop ____A film ____Restaurant or cafe
Other (specify) __________________________________________________________
What motivated you to visit our museum today (Please select three choices in rank order. A
ranking of "1" indicates your first choice, "2" your second choice, and "3" your third choice.)
____a. See a particular exhibition. Which one (specify)______________________________
____b. Attend a particular program. Which one (specify)_____________________________
____c. Visit the entire museum
____d. Visit the museum shop ____i. Spend time with friends
____e. Visit the cafe/restaurant ____j. Spend time with family
____f. Take advantage of a free admission day ____k. Entertain out-of-town visitors
____g. Enjoy a spiritual experience ____l. Enjoyed a past visit
____h: Conduct research/do a school assignment ____m. Other (specify)____________
What would encourage you to come back to this organization (For example, a family day,
extended hours, discount, etc.)
Did anything interfere with your ability to enjoy your visit today ____Yes ____No
If YES, please specify:
Sample Survey Questions 3