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Sample Pre-Marital Agreement

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Sample Pre-Marital Agreement
BE IT KNOWN, this agreement is entered into on the __________ day of
_____________, 20___, between _________________________ (hereinafter also
referenced as "husband") and __________________________ (hereinafter also
referenced as "wife").
Whereas, the parties contemplate legal marriage under the laws of the State of
___________________, and it is their mutual desire to enter into this agreement so that
they will continue to own and control their own property, and are getting married because
of their love for each other but do not desire that their present respective financial
interests be changed by their marriage.
Consideration is also given to the fact that ________________________, husband, is
from _________(City)____________, ____(State)____, with considerable properties and
holdings, and that _________________________, wife, has come from
____________________, Republic of the Philippines, from extreme poverty.
Now, therefore, it is agreed as follows:
1. Any and all property (and debts) which belongs to each of the above parties shall
be, and shall forever remain, their personal estate, including all interest, rents, and
profits which may accrue from said property, and said property shall remain
forever free of claim by the other.
2. The parties shall have at all times the full right and authority, in all respects the
same as each would have if not married, to use, sell, enjoy, manage, gift and
convey all property which may presently belong to him or her.
3. In the event of a separation or divorce, the parties shall have no right against each
other by way of claims for support, alimony, maintenance, compensation or
division of property existing of this date.
4. In the event of separation or divorce, marital property acquired after marriage
shall nevertheless remain subject to division, either by agreement or judicial
determination. In addition, in the event of divorce, husband does agree to provide
to ____________________, wife, the sum of five thousand dollars even
($5,000.00), which would enable her to return to her home in the Philippines,
should she decide to do so. This sum ($5,000.00) would be due her only upon
completion of legal divorce proceedings or comparable agreement, regardless of
whether or not she does return to the Philippines and represents the sum total due
her upon decree of divorce.
5. This agreement shall be binding and inure to the benefit of the parties, their
successors, assigns and personal representatives.
Sample Pre-Marital Agreement