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Sample Post Interview Rejection Letter

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Sample Post Interview Rejection Letter
Sample Post Interview Rejection Letter
Information Technology -
Project Assistant
WBS Template
Instructions and
Project Information
North Carolina Department
of Transportation
Template: Work Breakdown Structure [Rev 1.1 07/16/2004]
1 Print Date: 8/6/14
Project Description
Project Definition
IT Project Manager
a. Delete those not relevant to your project.
b. Add new elements (add appropriate number of "Other" boxes and rename)
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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
This template presents a standard Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) design for planning and monitoring IT projects at
NCDOT. It provides a framework for developing a plan/schedule for any project.
To create a schedule in the selected project management tool, refer to the WBS template and perform the following steps:
1. Set up the Project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Controlling and Closing Phases
as the 2nd Level of the WBS.
2. Review the 3rd Level WBS elements listed under each project phase and:
3. Incorporate WBS into project management tool.
Note: the Project Definition is the 1st Level of the WBS.
Sample Post Interview Rejection Letter