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Sample Nanny Contract

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Sample Nanny Contract
Sample Nanny Contract
Sample Nanny Contract
Name(s) of employer(s): ________________________________
Name of nanny:
Social Security number:
Number of children:
Name(s) of children:
Start date:
Compensation and Benefits:
Pay: $ per hour/week/month. This is to be paid weekly/every 2 weeks/monthly/
and 30
of the month.
Nanny will work _________ hours a week. Employer will pay $ _______/hour for any extra
hours worked.
Taxes: (Describe how taxes will be handled). For example, Employer will deduct all applicable
taxes from the nanny’s paycheck and make tax payments to the IRS. Refer to www.IRS.gov for
Health insurance: Employer agrees to pay (all or put specific dollar amount) of the nanny’s
health insurance, provided by (name of insurance company).
Paid Vacation: week(s) per year. Nanny will give employer weeks notice of any
upcoming vacations. Also, state whether nanny will be paid for week’s employer is on vacation.
Paid holidays: (List all that apply, for example, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.)
Room and Board: yes/no (If yes, list benefits, such as nanny’s own telephone line (long-distance
charges excepted), food stipend or groceries per week, appliances such as microwave, television,
bed, etc.)
Extras: (Gym memberships, eye exam fee, dental cleanings, etc.)
Sample Nanny Contract