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Sample Letter of Transmittal

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Sample Letter of Transmittal
Sample Application Transmittal Letter
Place on local government or non-profit working waterfront organization letterhead
Ken Reecy, Community Program Manager
Florida Communities Trust
2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard
Sadowski Building, Suite 310
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100
Dear Mr. Reecy:
On behalf of -----Name of the local government or non-profit working waterfront
organization ------, I am pleased to submit the enclosed grant application (one original and
two copies) to Florida Communities Trust’s Working Waterfronts Program. This application
is for acquisition of ------ name of the project site --------.
If the project site is selected for funding, the ----- name of the local government or non-
profit working waterfront organization ------ is committed to fulfilling all commitments
made in the grant application.
We have received an opinion from the local government planning staff determining that the
proposed use of the project site is consistent with the local comprehensive plan.
I also certify that condemnation or the threat of condemnation has not been used and will
not be used to acquire any portion of the project site.
I hereby authorize ---- name of local government employee or non-profit working
waterfront environmental organization representative ------- to act as the Key Contact for
the project. I understand that all correspondence concerning the grant application will be
directed to this person. You may reach him/her at (insert phone number) or (insert e-mail
address) or by mail at (insert mailing address).
--- Original signature ---
--- Title of the local government employee or administrator
--- Title of the non-profit working waterfront organization official
The transmittal letter is to be signed by the Mayor, Commission Chair, or City/County
Manager or Assistant Manager. In the case of a nonprofit, the letter is to be signed by
the Executive Director.
Note: Partnership applications require a transmittal letter from each partner.
Sample Letter of Transmittal