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Sample Letter of Congratulations

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Sample Letter of Congratulations
Bill and Linda ______
1234 Main Street
Dear Bill and Linda:
Congratulations on your 50
Wedding Anniversary!
The love and companionship you share with each other has been an inspiration to
everyone who knows you.
Thank you for all the time and effort you have both put into our community. We pray
that others will follow your wonderful example.
On behalf of the (Business Name), a donation in lieu of flowers has been made in your
honor to the Hometown Community Foundation Fund’s unrestricted endowment.
The principal of the endowment fund remains invested forever…the interest it earns will
be used each year to support worthy community projects like the ones you have
supported and worked on during all the years you have lived in Hometown.
Have a great and memorable celebration.
Brent Schmidt
Sample Letter of Congratulations