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Sample Informal Confirmation Letter

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Sample Informal Confirmation Letter
March 14, 2012
Dear Carol,
Thank you so much for your response concerning the upcoming women’s conference to be held
Friday, July 7 and Saturday, July 8 at Shady Hills Community Church. We are delighted that you
will be able to attend. We are looking forward to a weekend of fun and fellowship.
Attached is a list of some hotels that are located near the church campus and have agreed to
offer a discount to conference attendees. Make sure to mention the conference when you book
your room. You will also receive another packet in a few weeks that will contain some more
detailed information that you might find helpful as the date of the conference approaches.
If you have any questions concerning accommodations or the conference itself, please feel free
to contact me. We look forward to your attendance.
Susan Ashworth
Conference Director
Sample Informal Confirmation Letter