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Sample Freelance Writer Agreement

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Sample Freelance Writer Agreement
Sample Freelance Writer Agreement
This agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into by ___________________ ("Writer"),
and __________________________ ("Newspaper").
In consideration of the mutual covenants made herein, the parties agree as follows:
Parties. Writer is engaged in the business of writing articles and other materials on a
freelance basis. Newspaper is engaged in the business of newspaper publication.
Relationship. The parties expressly agree and acknowledge that the relationship created by
this Agreement is one of Independent Contractor. Newspaper is not the employer of
Writer, and Writer is not, and will not be treated as, an employee of Newspaper for federal
tax purposes, or any other purposes.
Contract Period. This agreement will begin on the date set forth below and shall continue
until terminated as provided by either party. If either party violates a term of this
Agreement, then the other party (the "Non-breaching Party") may terminate this Agreement,
effective immediately upon delivery of written notice of termination by the Non-breaching
Party. Not withstanding the foregoing, either party may terminate this Agreement at any
time for any or no reason, effective upon thirty (30) days written notice.
Services to be Provided by Writer. Writer agrees to submit, on his or her sole initiative,
written articles to the Newspaper on the following subjects, _____________________ (the
"Articles"). The manner and method of producing these Articles is solely at the discretion
of Writer; Newspaper has no right of control over Writer=s manner or method of
performance under this Agreement. Writer will submit Articles in accordance with the
schedule of copy deadlines being used by the Newspaper.
Representations and Warranties of Writer. By submitting an Article to Newspaper,
Writer represents and warrants that the Article is Writer=s original work, that the Article is
not owned by any third party, that the Article is accurate, that the Article has not been
obtained by unlawful means, that the Article has not been previously published in any
manner or medium, specifically including, but not limited to, print or electronic means, and
that publication of the article by Newspaper will not violate any copyright or other
intellectual property right of any third party.
Compensation. Newspaper agrees to pay Writer $________ per Article published by
Newspaper. Under no circumstances will Writer be paid on an hourly, daily or other basis
that is a function of time. Writer acknowledges and agrees that Newspaper will only pay
writer for Articles that are published and Newspaper has the sole and exclusive authority to
determine whether or not to publish any and all Articles submitted by Writer. Newspaper
agrees to pay Writer $_______ per photograph published in conjunction with an Article;
Sample Freelance Writer Agreement