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Sample Condolence Letter

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Sample Condolence Letter
I was very saddened to hear of the death of Mr______. Please accept my sincerest
sympathy on this terrible loss. I will always remember Mr. _________ for his wonderful
sense of humor every time I saw him at my office. He would repeatedly refer to himself
as ‘the old codger’ or ‘the thin man’ and would jokingly play up the part. (acknowledge
the loss and the name of the deceased; express your sympathy; note special qualities of
the deceased; recall a memory of the deceased)
Mrs. ______, I sincerely admire how competent you were in providing excellent care for
Mr._______ as his health declined. I was impressed by your devotion to him throughout
his lengthy illness. (remind the bereaved of their personal strengths)
I plan to phone you within a few weeks to see how you are doing. In the meantime please
accept my fond respect to you and your family.(offer help but be specific; end with a
word or phrase of sympathy).
Dear __________,
I learned of the death of Sally S_____________ through my associate Dr. Smith.
Although her death was expected please know that you are not alone at this
time.(acknowledge the loss and the name of the deceased; express your sympathy)
Sally was a courageous young woman who never faltered in her determination to fight
her illness. I admired the way she thoroughly researched all available treatment options,
asked direct and open questions, and remained optimistic.(note special qualities of the
I recall the time Sally came to my office after her first chemotherapy treatment looking
sad and upset. She had suffered severe side effects from the chemo and was very tired.
We had a long talk during that visit and Sally thanked me for being open and honest with
her. She came over and gave me a hug and I will never forget that moment. Sally was a
very special human being.(recall a memory of the deceased)
Sally was always so close to you, her mother. I was impressed with how strong you have
remained during her illness and how you were always by her side during the difficult
times. Since I was not present during Sally’s last few days I plan to phone you within the
next few weeks to see how you are doing. (remind the bereaved of their personal
strengths; offer help but be specific)
Sample Condolence Letter