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Sample Business Confirmation Letter

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Sample Business Confirmation Letter
February 4, 2013
Theodore Williams
Direct Sales Network
1489 Wilmington Way
Chesterville, CT 49672
Martha Simone
Regency Pointe
100 Business Drive
Hillside, NY 78293
Dear Ms. Simone,
This letter will confirm our arrangements for our annual sales meeting to be held on May 17-19,
2013 at your facilities. As we discussed, we would like to reserve a block of 50 rooms for the
two nights that the meeting will encompass. In addition, we will require use of the auditorium, as
well as 3 large meeting rooms for each of the dates of the event. While we politely decline your
offer of Regency Pointe’s catering services, we would also like to reserve the large dining room
each day for lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
As we begin to communicate the information about the conference with our sales staff, we
would like to include details about local attractions, restaurants, and other important information.
Any pamphlets or other resources you could provide would be greatly beneficial. We look
forward to our stay and the use of your beautiful facilities.
Theodore Williams
Director of Sales
Sample Business Confirmation Letter