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Sample Abstract Outline

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Sample Abstract Outline
Sample Abstract Outline
An abstract should briefly:
(Re)-establish the topic of the research project.
Give the research problem and/or main objective of the project (this
usually comes first).
Indicate the methodology used.
Present the main findings.
Present the main conclusions
See suggestions below, but also visit the section “EXAMPLES” at
1. Word limit: An abstract (including a bibliography or examples, if
needed) must be no more than 500 words. Please note the word count at
the bottom of the abstract. Except for the instructions given below, no
special form or format is needed for this initial submission of the
2. Title: At the top of the abstract, put the title.
Many abstracts are rejected because they omit crucial information rather than
because of errors in what they include. A suggested outline for abstracts (500
words max) is as follows:
1. Choose a title that clearly indicates the topic of the paper and is no more
than one line long.
2. State the problem or research question raised by prior work, with specific
reference to relevant prior research.
3. State the main point or argument of the proposed presentation.
4. Cite sufficient data, and explain why and how they support the main point
or argument. Explain abbreviations at their first occurrence.
Last updated: March 13, 08
Sample Abstract Outline