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Resume Format with Section Examples

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Resume Format with Section Examples
NAME (All caps and bold; a slightly larger font is acceptable)
Address (Current and permanent if appropriate)
Telephone (Include area code and be sure your voice mail is appropriate)
Email address (appropriate)
OBJECTIVE State the type of position or internship you are seeking. (This is
optional and should be included only if you have spare room.)
EDUCATION List (in reverse chronological order) the colleges you have attended
and from which you have graduated or expect to graduate. Indicate
degree, date of graduation, major, minor, and concentrations. GPA
and relevant course work are optional. Academic honors, study
abroad, and language proficiency may be included here or in a separate
SKILLS List any special skills (computer, language, equipment, training, etc.)
EXPERIENCE List internships, paid, and volunteer experience in reverse
chronological order. Include position title, name and location of
company or organization, and dates. Emphasize duties, skills, and
accomplishments – cite numbers and specifics.
HONORS/ Indicate honors, awards, activities, and memberships in and out of
ACTIVITIES college. May include high school honors/activities only in special
REFERENCES There is no need to list names and contact information for your
references on the resume. Rather, these should be listed on a separate
page. Indicate on the resume that references are available upon
request if you have extra space. Otherwise, leave this off altogether
since employers know they can request references from you.
Resume Format with Section Examples