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Rental Agreement Template 1

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Rental Agreement Template 1
Rental Agreement Template 1
“Sample Rental Agreement”
1. Parties The parties to this agreement are the Landlord:
Name: _____________________________________ Address:____________________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________ phone#____________________
The tenant:
Name: _____________________________________ Address:____________________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________ phone#____________________
2. Property Landlord rents to Tenant a dwelling located at:
Address:_____________________________________City/State/Zip: ______________________________
3. The term of this lease shall be ________________commencing on: ___ (day) of ________ (month) ____ (year)
until ___ (day) of ________ (month) ____ (year). This lease shall automatically self-extend under the same
terms and conditions as the initial lease and shall continue in full force and effect from month- to -month unless
and until otherwise terminated.
4. The rent shall be $ ____________ / month payable on the _______________ day of every month, in advance, so
long as this lease is in force.
5. The following appliances and furniture:
Stove, refrigerator, ___________________________________________________________________________
are included in the rental of these premises.
6. Security Deposit: Upon the execution of this Agreement, Tenant shall deposit with Landlord the sum of
_________________________________________________________ Dollars ($______________)
Receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by the Landlord, as security for any damage caused to the Premises
during the term of the lease. In accordance with ALM GL ch. 186, § 15B, such deposit received by the Landlord
shall be held in a separate, interest-bearing account in a bank, located within the Commonwealth under such terms
as will place such deposit beyond the claim of creditors of the Landlord. Such deposit shall be returned to the
Tenant, with interest at the rate of five per cent per year or other such lesser amount of interest as has been
received from the bank where the deposit has been held, and less any set off for damages to the Premises upon
the termination of this Agreement.
7. Occupants The Tenant shall not permit the dwelling to be occupied for longer than a temporary visit by anyone
except the individuals listed below and except any children born to or adopted by such individuals during the term
of this lease; however the landlord reserves the right to terminate this lease if the additional occupants would
render the dwelling overcrowded under the State Sanitary Code.
8. Notices All notices shall be in writing and shall be given to the Tenant at the dwelling; all rents and all notices,
which shall be in writing, shall be given to the Landlord at:
Rental Agreement Template 1