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Puerto Rico Tax Power of Attorney Form

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Puerto Rico Tax Power of Attorney Form
Puerto Rico Tax Power of Attorney Form
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Department of the Treasury
Power and Declaration of Representation
Form AS 2745-A
Rev. 05.03
1. Taxpayer's information (In case of individuals, include name, initial, last name and second last name. If you are married and filing
jointly, you must complete the spouse's information)
Representative's name and address
Telephone number
Telephone number
Registration number
Registration number
Fax number
Fax number
Check (
3) if changed:
q Telephone q
Check (3) if changed:
q Telephone q
Representative's name and address
3. Tax matter
Type of tax (Income, Excise, Employment, etc.)
Forms (Return, Statement, etc.)
Year(s) or Period(s)
Note: A Returns or Declarations Specialist, who is not named as representative, cannot sign any document for the taxpayer.
Acts authorized - The representative(s) is (are) authorized to receive and inspect confidencial information and to perform any and all acts
that I (we) can perform with respect to tax matters described on line 3, including the authority to present taxpayer's information and documents;
sign any agreement, consent or document; make appearances before the Department of the Treasury and its functionaries; attend to every
administrative hearing; accept or agree according with the law and regulations, any matter related with my (our) tax responsibility and accept
or negotiate on my (our) behalf any resolution or administrative decision, or to make the decisions that in his/her/their judgement are correct.
List any specific additions or deletions to the acts authorized in this power of representation: _______________________________.
Receipt of reimbursement or refund checks - If you want to authorize a representative named on line 2 to receive, but not to endorse or
cash refund or reimbursement checks, initial here ______ and specify the name of that representative below.
Name of the representative authorized to receive reimbursement or refund check(s): ________________________________________.
I appoint the following representative(s) as attorney(s) in fact:
Postal address
Taxpayer's social security number
Taxpayer's name
Spouse's first name and initial Last name Second last name
2. Representative(s) information
Zip code
Spouse's social security number
Telephone (Office)
Telephone (Home)
Employer's identification number
to represent the taxpayer(s) before the Department of the Treasury for the following tax matters:
Section 6176 of the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code of 1994, as amended, authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to regulate the practice of the persons
representing the taxpayers before the Department of the Treasury. To enforce the provisions of this section, the taxpayer who wants to appoint a person to act
in his/her representation must complete this form.
Conservation Period: Six (6) years
Puerto Rico Tax Power of Attorney Form