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Puerto Rico Power of Attorney

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Puerto Rico Power of Attorney
Puerto Rico Power of Attorney
Guía de modelo de escritura de poder general en el idioma inglés.
Este modelo se puede preparar para un poderdante que reside en los
Estados Unidos de América que lo juramente ante un notario público
en su ciudad y lo envíe al notario en Puerto Rico con la legitimación
de firma requerida por el Tratado de la Haya para que sea
protocolizado y elevado a escritura pública. Este modelo trata sobre
la designación de un poderdante para que el apoderado entienda en
lo relacionado con una herencia. Esta guía se provee para la revisión,
enmienda y aprobación del notario.
_____________________ also known as _______________________
and ______________________, of legal age, single, and resident of
____________ of the United States of America, hereby STATE AND DECLARE
1. My father, passed away on ___________________________, in
2. ____________________________, Puerto Rico. I am a heir of
my father as per the Judgment issued on _________________ , and notified
on _____________, by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Superior Court,
San Juan. Part in case number ______________, In Re: the Estate includes
real estate and personal property in within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico,
and hereinafter referred to as the ESTATE.
3. I DESIGNATE and GRANT __________________ also known as
______________ (hereinafter referred to as attorney-in-fact), of legal age,
single, retired, and resident of _________________, Puerto Rico, the
following powers to represent me within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
regarding all matters related to Estate of my father.
4. The attorney-in-fact will act as my representative, executor, and
administrator (referred in Spanish as "Albacea" or "Administrador") and
represent me before administrative agencies, such as, but not limited, to the
Department of the Treasury, the Center for Collections of Municipal Income
(CRIM) and the Registry of Property. I expressly authorize him to sign and
request information before the above referenced agencies and any other
administrative agency or government entity as deemed necessary in order to
facilitate and pursue any affairs on behalf of the Estate.
5. The attorney-in-fact is also authorized to represent me before any
court or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the United States Court of
Appeals for the First Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court, and their
administrative agencies (State and Federal) ¡including the power to represent
me in all judicial and administrative proceedings until the conclusion of the
Puerto Rico Power of Attorney