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Project Budget Template 2

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Project Budget Template 2
Project Budget Template 2
Salaries Description Quantity Cost Total
Staff/Faculty title % of Time on Project $0
Benefits 23% total staff/faculty salaries 0.23 $0
Consultants Consultant fee (hourly or flat) $0
Guest speakers Honoraria rate $0
Sub - total Salaries $0
Travel Description Quantity Cost Total
Lodging cost per person/per room $0
Airfare/Train cost per person/per fare $0
Gas .485 per mile 0.485 $0
Per Diem meal stipend $0
Other (i.e. taxi, subway, light rail fare) $0
Sub-total Travel $0
Supplies Description Quantity Cost Total
Materials $0
Other $0
Events Description Quantity Cost Total
Catering event & # attendees $0
Flowers centerpieces, plants, etc $0
Gifts give aways - cards, pens $0
Awards citations, trophies $0
Other $0
Sub-total Events $0
Marketing/Communications Description Quantity Cost Total
Graphic Design/printing posters, flyers, program $0
Advertisements print or television advertisements $0
Mailing expenses envelopes, postage $0
Other $0
Sub-total Marketing/Communications $0
Other MICA Depts/Services Description Quantity Cost Total
Exhibitions services needed $0
Campus Tech services needed $0
FacMAN services needed $0
Security # security guards needed $0
Other $0
Sub-total Other MICA Departs/Services $0
Training Description Quantity Cost Total
Work Study # work study students and tasks $0
Other space rental fee $0
Sub-total Training $0
MICA Indirect Costs Quantity Cost Total
Indirect 15% of total expenses 0.15 $0
Sub-total Indirect $0
Total Expenses #REF!
Program Income Description Quantity Cost Total
Department Budget Department Name $0
Sales ticket income $0
In-kind contributions goods/services donated $0
Grants/Sponsorships/RFP's donor/prospect name $0
Other revenue from partnership $0
Total Income $0
Sub-total Supplies
Project Budget Template
Please use this template to create your Project Budget. (If you have a fully developed project budget in different format, feel
free to attach instead.) Please attach this to your completed Project Approval Form for circulation and review.
Project Budget Template 2