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Preschool Brochure 2

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Preschool Brochure 2
Preschool Brochure 2
Join us!
The preschool curriculum will be
one of the Early Childhood
Education curricula that are
recommended by the New Jersey
Department of Education. The
curriculum will be linked to an
assessment system that addresses a
teachers need to know how
children learn best. The preschool
curriculum specifies content to be
taught in the following areas, all
according to New Jersey Preschool
Teaching and Learning
- Literacy: vocabulary and language,
phonological awareness, letters, words,
print, comprehension, and books and
other texts as sources of enjoyment
- Mathematics: numbers, patterns and
relationships, geometry and spatial
awareness, measurement, and data
collection, organization, and
- Science: physical science, life science,
and earth and the environment
- Social Studies: spaces and geography,
people and how they live, people and the
environment, and people and the past
- The Arts: dance, music, drama, & the
visual arts
- Technology: awareness of technology,
basic operations and concepts,
technological tools, and people and
All content being taught directly
relates to subject area curricula
used at the elementary level so
childrens learning in Preschool
forms the basis of all learning that
will follow.
Welcome to Preschool
Now provided by the
Mountain Lakes School District in
Wildwood Elementary School
- 5 days a week: Monday through
Friday from 8:45 a.m.11:30 a.m. and
12:25 p.m. 3:10 p.m.
- anticipated 8 openings in each session
for students ages three and four
- tuition of $4000 for the school year
spanning September through June for full
time students
Mountain Lakes Preschool Program
Mission Statement
The Mountain Lakes Preschool Program
will prepare the youngest learners in our
schools to fully experience and
participate in their lives at home, in
school, and in the community. Our program
will help our children develop the
readiness skills in all content areas as
outlined by the New Jersey Preschool
Teaching and Learning Expectations. It
is our mission to create a bridge between
families and school to support our children
and to give them a successful start on
their journey through school.
Transition to Kindergarten
Students in our preschool program will be
provided activities and opportunities to
socialize and interact with the Kindergarten
staff and students.
Wildwood Elementary School also conducts
specific days where preschool students work
directly with the Kindergarten staff, as well
as parent-visitation days, and Back-to-
School Nights, to ensure a flawless transition
from Preschool to Kindergarten for our
students and their families.
To be eligible for this program, your child
must be 3 or 4 years old on or before
October 1, 2010 and toilet-trained. A birth
certificate, copy of immunizations, and
proof of residency will be required of those
students applying. Enrollment priority will be
given to residents of Mountain Lakes.
Sign up today!
Applications downloaded from the Mountain
Lakes School District website. The deadline
for applications will be April 20,2010.
Parents with additional questions may
contact Wildwood School at (973) 334-
3609 or Janet Wright, Director of Special
Services at (973) 334-2587
Preschool Brochure 2