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Photograph & Video Release Form

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Photograph & Video Release Form
Photograph & Video Release Form
I hereby grant permission to the rights of my image, likeness and sound of my voice as recorded on audio or
video tape without payment or any other consideration. I understand that my image may be edited, copied,
exhibited, published or distributed and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my
likeness appears. Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the
use of my image or recording. I also understand that this material may be used in diverse educational
settings within an unrestricted geographic area.
Photographic, audio or video recordings may be used for the following purposes:
conference presentations
educational presentations or courses
informational presentations
on-line educational courses
educational videos
By signing this release I understand this permission signifies that photographic or video recordings of me
may be electronically displayed via the Internet or in the public educational setting.
I will be consulted about the use of the photographs or video recording for any purpose other than those
listed above.
There is no time limit on the validity of this release nor is there any geographic limitation on where these
materials may be distributed.
This release applies to photographic, audio or video recordings collected as part of the sessions listed on this
document only.
By signing this form I acknowledge that I have completely read and fully understand the above release and
agree to be bound thereby. I hereby release any and all claims against any person or organization utilizing
this material for educational purposes.
Full Name___________________________________________________
Street Address/P.O. Box________________________________________
City ________________________________________________________
Prov/Postal Code/Zip Code______________________________________
Phone ___________________________ Fax _______________________
Email Address________________________________________________
Signature____________________________ Date____________________________
If this release is obtained from a presenter under the age of 19, then the signature of that presenter’s parent or
legal guardian is also required.
Parent’s Signature_____________________ Date____________________________
Photograph & Video Release Form