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Persuasive Letter Sample

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Persuasive Letter Sample
Persuasive Letter Sample
Persuasive Letter Sample
In the space below, you see one example of how to set up your very own persuasive
letter. Remember: this is just a sample. Feel free to change the words to match your
own style and opinions.
School Name
School’s Street Address
School’s City, State and Zip Code
Today’s Date
Dear Mr. Proctor,
I am writing this letter because I believe that wolves… (Complete this sentence with your own
personal belief about the wolf reintroduction program.)
The first reason I believe this is…because… (This is your opportunity to give facts to back up this
The second reason I believe this is…because…
The final reason I believe this is…because…
It is true that some people disagree with me. They say that… (Give one or two reasons why people feel
different from your viewpoint). However, this is not correct. It has been discovered that… (Write a
sentence or two that present facts proving these arguments wrong.)
As you can see, wolves… (Use this space to restate the opinion that you expressed in the first
paragraph). I hope that you will consider this letter when you look at any future action regarding the
Mexican wolves in Arizona. Thank you very much.
(Sign your name here)
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Persuasive Letter Sample