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Persuasive Letter

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Persuasive Letter
Corey Kindberg
English III
Mrs. Pharo
Persuasive Letter
“The Client
Dear Mrs.Pharo,
What to do when an 11 year old boy is told about the location of a dead senators
body and he is the only one to solve the case Mark Sway, a key person in the help of an
on-going murder case in which a senator is killed. When the murders’ lawyer himself
tells him the location of the body, before the lawyer commits suicide. “The Client”, one
of the best books I have read, gives insight into a world of murder and lies.
I feel the book is well worth reading, because it gives insight into the mind and
thoughts of a troubled boy. Mark Sway has been told a deep dark secret. After, his
brother is hospitalized by witnessing the scene as an innocent bystander; he is
hospitalized for shock and trauma. Mark, who has to make a decision to tell his brothers
doctor, or keep the doctor in a daze, impairing the doctor to help to his full ability.
The book is all a good read due to the psychological nature of the book. “The
Client” gives the reader the feel that he or she is experiencing this actual pain. Ricky,
Marks younger brother, is in complete shock after witnessing this, and the author puts the
reader in a position of pity and sorrow. Then the suicide of the lawyer himself shows how
a man can sometimes not take as much drama as he though he could.
This book is worth reading because of the two reasons listed above. The book is
controversial, yet important. It shows many things beside the two listed above, such as
family love, caring, and passion. Mark shows that he cares about his brother in many
ways and that he is very mature for his age, something not a lot of people can show
Persuasive Letter