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Performance Review Form

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Performance Review Form
Performance Review Form
Revised 3/7/2012 http://hrweb.mit.edu/performance/ Page 1
Descriptive Performance Review Form
Job Definition
1. Attach a current position description; if applicable, make note of any significant changes since last year’s performance review.
2. If performance goals were set at the last performance review, attach a copy of these goals and comment on the employee’s
Performance Competencies (Depending on position, some competencies may be more relevant than others.)
Performance is consistently superior and significantly exceeds position requirements.
Highly Effective
New/Not Applicable
Highly Effective:
Performance frequently exceeds position requirements.
Performance consistently meets position requirements.
Performance meets some, but not all position requirements.
Performance consistently fails to meet minimum position requirements; employee lacks
skills required or fails to utilize necessary skills.
New/Not Applicable:
Employee has not been in position long enough to have demonstrated the essential
elements of the position and will be reviewed at a later agreed upon date.
1. Skill and proficiency in carrying out assignments
Brief explanation:
2. Possesses skills and knowledge to perform the job competently
Brief explanation:
3. Skill at planning, organizing and prioritizing workload (For self and direct reports, if
Brief explanation:
4. Holds self accountable for assigned responsibilities; sees tasks through to
completion in a timely manner
Brief explanation:
5. Proficiency at improving work methods and procedures as a means toward greater
Brief explanation:
6. Communicates effectively with supervisor, peers, and customers
Brief explanation:
7. Ability to work independently
Brief explanation:
Employee’s Name:
Review Period:
Performance Review Form

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