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Performance Evaluation Form 2

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Performance Evaluation Form 2
Performance Evaluation Form 2
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Sample Performance Evaluation Forms
Contributed by AIA Knowledge Resources Staff
Revised June 2007
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Employee performance should be evaluated
periodically, regularly, and objectively. The attached
sample evaluation forms, while not comprehensive, offer
guidance for evaluating performance competencies for
three categories of employees in architecture firms:
administrative, professional/technical, and management.
Adapt the forms to suit the evaluation needs of your own
Performance evaluations may be scored in a number of
ways. Two of the most common are numerical ratings
and a graphic scale. The attached sample evaluation
forms use the numerical rating system.
The scores of a numerical rating system typically have
the following values:
1 Unsatisfactory
2 Needs improvement
3 Meets job requirements
4 Exceeds job requirements
5 Outstanding
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For More Information
See also “Managing People,” by
Kathleen C. Maurel, Assoc. AIA, and
Laurie Dreyer-Hadley, The
Architect’s Handbook of Professional
Practice, 13th edition, Chapter 9,
page 221.
See also the 14th edition of the
Handbook, which can be ordered from
the AIA Bookstore by calling 800-242-
3837 (option 4) or by email at
[email protected]
The AIA welcomes member feedback on Best Practice
articles. To provide feedback on this article, please
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Personnel management
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Performance Evaluation Form 2