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Pennsylvania Residential Lease Agreement Landlord Association

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Pennsylvania Residential Lease Agreement Landlord Association
Pennsylvania Residential Lease Agreement Landlord Association
Consult a lawyer before using or acting under this form. The publisher of this form makes
no warranty of its fitness for any particular purpose
1. PARTIES: This lease is made on ___________________, 20
____ be
tween the LANDLORD
__________________________________, address: ______________________________________________
and th
e TENANTS: _______________________________________________________________________
2. PROPERTY: The landlord agrees to rent to the tenant the property described as:
______________________________ located in _____________________________, Pennsylvania
A) The rent for the property is $_____________ per month The tenant must pay the rent on
the ________ day of the month and deliver it to the LANDLORD at the above address
B) If the tenant fails to pay the rent on the due date, the LANDLORD may end this lease If
the rent is more than ________days late, the tenant must pay a late fee of $___________
and then another $__________ for each additional day that the rent is late The late fees
specified are reasonable estimations of the losses the landlord will suffer as a result of
late payment of rent
C) The term of this lease is ______________ beginning on ___________, 20
_____ The total rent
due for the full term of this lease is $_____________ In the event that the tenant should
reak this lease without the written permission of the LANDLORD, the unpaid rent for
the remainder of this lease will become immediately due and owing to the LANDLORD
D) When the lease’s term ends, it will automatically renew for a term of _____________ If the
landlord or tenant does not want to renew the lease, he must give the other _________
days written notice before the end of the term
E) The tenant has checked the property and agrees that it is in clean and good condition At
the end of this lease, the tenant will return the property to the LANDLORD in the same
clean and good condition
F) The tenant will only use the property for residential purposes
G) The tenant’s promise to pay the rent is separate from all other promises in this lease The
tenant agrees to pay the full rent each month If the LANDLORD owes the tenant any
money, the tenant agrees not to deduct it from the rent due or from any other money
owed to the LANDLORD
1) The amount of the security deposit is $_______________
2) The LANDLORD cannot require the tenant to pay a security deposit that is more
than (2) two months rent After the first year, the landlord must reduce the security
deposit to no more than one month’s rent
3) The tenant cannot use the security deposit to pay rent without the written approval
of the landlord
4) The LANDLORD can use the security deposit for unpaid rent and damages that are
the tenant’s responsibility beyond normal wear and tear
5) When the tenant moves out, the LANDLORD will prepare a list of charges for
damages and any unpaid rent The LANDLORD can deduct these charges, if any,
from the security deposit and will return the balance within (30) thirty days The
tenant must give the LANDLORD written notice of the tenant’s new address or
make other arrangements with the LANDLORD for the return of the security
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Pennsylvania Residential Lease Agreement Landlord Association