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Packing Slip 1

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Packing Slip 1
Packing Slip 1
Packing Slip
Your Company Slogan
Address Ship To: Name
City, State ZIP Code Company
Phone: 555-555-0100 Address
Fax: 555-555-0111 City, State ZIP Code
Order Date: January 24, 2004
Order Number: 892345 Bill To: Name
Purchase Order: PO3421-90837-01 Company
Customer Contact: Research Dept. City, State ZIP Code
3421 Phone
Product Unit Type Order Quantity
Total: 0
Thank you for your business!
August 5, 2014
Please contact the Customer Service department at 800-555-0100 with any questions or concerns.
Your Company Name
Customer Account:
Packing Slip 1