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Oregon Rental Application

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Oregon Rental Application
Oregon Rental Application
Tenancy Application Form
Upon completion, please return to:
Tenancy Details
1. Property address:
2. Rentweekly/monthly:
3. Rental period (months):
4. Number of applicants:
(please note: each applicant needs to complete a separate application form)
5. The relationship of any joint applicants to you:
6. Proposed tenancy start date:
Personal Details
1. Full name (including marital status):
2. Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
3. Current address (including postcode):
4. Telephone number (home):
5. Telephone number (work):
6. Telephone number (mobile):
7. Are you a: homeowner/private tenant/living with relatives/other
8. Time at current address (dd/mm/yyyy): from to
9. If less than 3 years then please provide previous addresses & dates of all past
occupations for the last 3 years:
Oregon Rental Application