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North Dakota Advance Directive Form

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North Dakota Advance Directive Form
Advance Directive Forms
North Dakota
An advance directive is a statement (usually in writing) made by a person in advance that gives direc-
tions to decision makers and caregivers regarding health care decisions to be made in the event the
person in unable to make those decisions for him/herself.
In North Dakota, there are two types of advance directives that may be used.
One of the forms is called the “Living Will”. A living will permits you to decide whether you want life-pro-
longing treatment or nutrition and hydration started or continued if you are unable to communicate your
wishes to your health care provider and you are in a terminal condition.
The other form is called the “Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care”. This is a document that per-
mits you to appoint someone else to make medical decisions for you if you become unable to make
decisions for yourself.
Altru Health System, with the help of its attorneys, has made certain modifications to the suggested
statutory forms and has combined the two forms into one document. It is hoped that this will make the
process of developing an advance directive easier for you.
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North Dakota Advance Directive Form