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North Carolina Offer To Purchase Real Estate Form

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North Carolina Offer To Purchase Real Estate Form
North Carolina Offer To Purchase Real Estate Form
_____________________________________________________________________________________, as Buyer,
hereby offers to purchase and _____________________________________________________________, as Seller,
upon acceptance of said offer, agrees to sell and convey, all of that plot, piece or parcel of land described below,
together with all improvements located thereon and such fixtures and personal property as are listed below
(collectively referred to as the “Property”), upon the following terms and conditions:
1. REAL PROPERTY: Located in the City of ______________________________________________________,
County of _____________________________________, State of North Carolina, being known as and more
particularly described as:
Street Address____________________________________________________________________ Zip__________
Legal Description:______________________________________________________________________________
All A portion of the property in Deed Reference: Book_________, Page No.________, ___________County.)
NOTE: Prior to signing this Offer to Purchase and Contract, Buyer is advised to review Restrictive Covenants, if
any, which may limit the use of the Property, and to read the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants, By-Laws,
articles of Incorporation, Rules and Regulations, and other governing documents of the owners’ association and/or
the subdivision, if applicable.
2. FIXTURES: The following items, if any, are included in the purchase price free of liens: any built-in appliances,
light fixtures, ceiling fans, attached floor coverings, blinds, shades, drapery rods and curtain rods, brackets and all
related hardware, window and door screens, storm windows, combination doors, awnings, antennas, satellite dishes
and receivers, burglar/fire/smoke alarms, pool and spa equipment, solar energy systems, attached fireplace screens,
gas logs, fireplace inserts, electric garage door openers with controls, outdoor plants and trees (other than in
movable containers), basketball goals, storage sheds, mailboxes, wall and/or door mirrors, and any other items
attached or affixed to the Property, EXCEPT the following items:
3. PERSONAL PROPERTY: The following personal property is included in the purchase price:_______________
4. PURCHASE PRICE: The purchase price is $___________________________________________ and shall be
paid as follows:
(a) $__________________________, EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT with this offer by
cash personal check
bank check certified check other: ______________________________________________________ to be
deposited and held in escrow by __________________________________________________________ (“Escrow
Agent”) until the sale is closed, at which time it will be credited to Buyer, or until this contract is otherwise
terminated. In the event: (1) this offer is not accepted; or (2) any of the conditions hereto are not satisfied, then all
earnest monies shall be refunded to Buyer. In the event of breach of this contract by Seller, upon Buyer’s request, all
earnest monies shall be returned to Buyer, but such return shall not affect any other remedies available to Buyer for
such breach. In the event this offer is accepted and Buyer breaches this contract, then all earnest monies shall be
forfeited upon Seller’s request, but receipt of such forfeited earnest monies shall not affect any other remedies
available to Seller for such breach.
NOTE: In the event of a dispute between Seller and Buyer over the return or forfeiture of earnest money held in
escrow by a broker, the broker is required by state law to retain said earnest money in the broker’s trust or escrow
account until a written release from the parties consenting to its disposition has been obtained or until disbursement
is ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction.
(b) $_________________, ADDITIONAL EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT to be paid to Escrow Agent no later than
(c) $_________________, OPTION FEE in accordance with paragraph 13, Alternative 2, to be paid to Seller on the
Effective Date as set forth in paragraph 23. (NOTE: If alternative 2 applies, then do not insert $0, N/A, or leave
(d) $_________________, BY ASSUMPTION of the unpaid principal balance and all obligations of Seller on the
existing loan(s) secured by a deed of trust on the Property in accordance with the attached Loan Assumption
(e) $_________________, BY SELLER FINANCING in accordance with the attached Seller Financing Addendum.
(f) $_________________, BALANCE of the purchase price in cash at Closing.
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North Carolina Offer To Purchase Real Estate Form