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New Program Proposal Template

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New Program Proposal Template
New Program Proposal Template
New Program Proposal Template
1. Please complete the following Template electronically, using as much
space as necessary for each item do not be constrained by the space
between questions on the template. The completed Template will also
serve as the basis for the new program proposal to the HECB.
2. You will need to complete the followingWorkbooks in order to answer
some of the questions. Please work through both of the Workbooks
first and forward them along with the template itself. (Details in the
Workbooks will be used internally, but will not be forwarded to
external agencies or reviewers.)
2. As examples, samples of Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
Plans are also appended to this Template.
3. In addition to your department and college, the following resources
can answer questions:
Graduate School 335-3535
Provost’s Office 335-5581
Budget Office 335-7783
4. Please forward the completed Template and Workbooks electronically
to your college Dean(s) (and Chancellor, if applicable), and request
that the Dean forward the proposal electronically to the Provost’s Office
([email protected] ).
New Program Proposal Template