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New Hampshire Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Form 2

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New Hampshire Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Form 2
Advance Directives
Planning for Important Healthcare Decisions
Caring Connections, 1700 Diagonal Road, Suite 625, Alexandria, VA 22314
www.caringinfo.org, 800/658-8898
Caring Connections, a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
(NHPCO), is a national consumer engagement initiative to improve care at the end of life,
supported by a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
The goal of Caring Connections is for consumers to hear a unified message promoting awareness
and action for improved end-of-life care. Through these efforts, NHPCO seeks to support those
working across the country to improve end-of-life care and conditions for all Americans.
Information and Advice Services
You can call our toll-free helpline, 800-658-8898, if you need help completing your living will
or health care power of attorney, if you wish to talk to someone about how to plan for decisions
you might face near the end of your life, or if you are dealing with a difficult end-of-life situation
and need immediate information and advice. Below is just a sampling of the kinds of questions
that we respond to:
How do I complete my advance directives
What questions should I ask my mother’s doctors about her care
My father’s health care providers will not honor his wishes. What shall I do
Do I have to be in pain
Education Services
For the Public: We can provide publications and videos that offer practical information to
educate consumers about how to get the best possible care near the end-of-life. We are building
grassroots activities to help the public be involved in improving care for dying people. We also
give consumers the opportunity to add their voices to the call for good end-of-life care.
For the Professionals: We can provide education and consultation to doctors, nurses, social
workers, attorneys, clergy, and others. By becoming Partners, professional organizations gain
access to a wide variety of materials and services that can help them improve end-of-life care in
their institution or community.
Legal Services:
Caring Connections tracks and monitors all state and federal legislation and significant court
cases related to end-of-life care to ensure that our advance directives are always up to date, and
to ensure that we are the source for the most up-to-date information about legislation and case
law affecting end-of-life decision making and care.
New Hampshire Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Form 2