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Nevada Health Care Power of Attorney Form

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The Nevada health care power of attorney is a legal document used by the grantor to authorize the attorney-in-fact to make decisions about his/her health care matters.

Nevada Health Care Power of Attorney Form
Nevada Health Care Power of Attorney Form
WHAT is a Healthcare Power of Attorney
A Healthcare Power of Attorney is a docu-
ment that allows you to choose a person
(an "Agent") who will have the authority to
make healthcare decisions for you if you
are unconscious, mentally incompetent, or
otherwise unable to make such decisions.
In Nevada you can also communicate your
wishes regarding whether you wish to re-
ceive "life-sustaining procedures" (to be
kept alive) if you become permanently co-
matose or terminally ill, in the Healthcare
Power of Attorney document. This will help
your Agent to know your wishes as he or
she makes decisions for you. Even if you
do include this in the document, you should
still discuss the Healthcare Power of Attor-
ney with your Agent, expressing your
wishes regarding what you want to happen
to you regarding healthcare.
WHAT is a Durable Power of Attorney
Durable means that the document will re-
main in effect or take effect if you become
mentally incompetent. You can also sign a
durable power of attorney document to
prepare for the possibility that you may
become mentally incompetent due to ill-
ness or an accident. In this case, you
would specify that the power of attorney
wouldn't go into effect unless a doctor certi-
fies that you are mentally incapacitated.
The power of attorney will remain in effect
indefinitely or you can specify in it a date
for it to end. You can also end it by com-
pleting a new Healthcare Power of Attorney
or simply telling your Agent or doctor that
you no longer wish it to be in effect.
WHAT is the Difference Between a POA and a Liv-
ing Will
A Healthcare Power of Attorney is different from a
Living Will because it allows you to choose someone
to make healthcare decisions for you. A Living Will
only allows you to communicate your wishes con-
cerning life-sustaining procedures.
IS the POA an Advanced Heath Care Directive
Both Living Wills and Healthcare Powers of Attorney
are considered "Advance Healthcare Directives"
because you're giving instructions on what you'd
want to happen in the event that you become unable
to make healthcare decisions in the future.
Nevada also has a specific "Advance Healthcare
Directive" document that combines elements of a
Healthcare Power of Attorney and a Living Will. (For
a more in-depth look at Advance Healthcare Direc-
tives, Healthcare Powers of Attorney and Living
Wills, link to:
DO I have to Choose a Lawyer to be My Agent
You don't have to choose a lawyer to be your Agent,
but it is important to select someone you trust.
The relative or friend you choose to be your
Agent will be acting for you regarding your
healthcare issues.
You need to choose someone who won't
abuse the powers you give them and will
look out for your best interests.
WHAT if the Person I Choose as Agent is
Unable to Serve
There is always the possibility that the per-
son or organization you choose as your
Agent either won't be able to serve or will
refuse to serve. That's why you have the
option of choosing a Successor Agent (or
second Agent) who can take over as Agent
if necessary.
Here is an example of why choosing a Suc-
cessor Agent is a good idea: A young adult
chooses a former teacher as their Agent.
The teacher moves across the country to
care for an aging parent and is no longer
available to make decisions on behalf of the
youth. If the youth had chosen a Successor
Agent, that person is then able to make de-
cisions if necessary.
WHERE Do I Get the Document
Your caseworker will provide you with the
POA document during your transition plan
Your caseworker will provide you with the
opportunity to execute the POA at age 18.
You may also link to:
www.dcfs.state.nv.us for the form.
Certain Family Resource Centers may also
be able to provide the form if they have pro-
vided Independent Living services to foster
youth aging out of the system.
Nevada Health Care Power of Attorney Form