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Nevada Child Support Worksheet A&B Form

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Nevada Child Support Worksheet A&B Form
Nevada Child Support Worksheet A&B Form
Worksheet A -Primary Physical Custody Child Support Calculation Worksheet
You must fill out this worksheet and attach it to the document you are filing which asks for a primary physical custody arrangement.
Primary physical custody exists when one parent has physical custody of the child more than 60% (219 days) of the time calculated
over a one year period.
c: Determine Gross Monthly Income (GMI) of the non-custodial parent.
X = X
= ÷ =
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d : Determine Obligation.
X = = =
e: Apply the presumptive maximum if
necessary. This amount changes every year on
July 1
. Make sure you are using the most
current chart.
Income Range
If the Parent’s But
GMI is At Least Less Than
$0 - $4,235
$4,235 - $6,351
$6,351 - $8,467
$8,467 - $10,585
$10,585 - $12,701
$12,701 - $14,816
$14,816 - No Limit
Presumptive Maximum Amount
Usually, this is the maximum amount
a parent may be required to pay per
month per child.
f : Deviations. If you are requesting an amount of child support that is lower or higher than the amount in d or e, if
applicable , your reason(s) for requesting a different amount must be based upon one of the following factors. (
check all that
The cost of health insurance The cost of childcare The relative income of both parents
Special educational needs of
the child
The amount of time the child spends with each parent
Any other necessary expenses for the
benefit of the child
The age of the child Legal responsibility of the parent for the support of others
The value of services contributed by
either parent
Any expenses reasonably
related to the mother’s
pregnancy and confinement
The cost of transportation of the child to and from
visitation if the custodial parent moved with the child from
the jurisdiction that ordered the support and the non-custodial
parent remained
Any public assistance paid to support
the child
Monthly child support (rounded to
the nearest dollar)
$ _______________
Formula Percentage (0.18 for 1 child, 0.25 for 2 children,
0.29 for 3 children, 0.02 increase for each additional child)
$ ___________
Yearly income
$ _________
Pay Periods
Hourly wage
$ ______
$ _______
Nevada Child Support Worksheet A&B Form