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Nebraska Voluntary Appearance Form

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Nebraska Voluntary Appearance Form
_________________________, ) DOC._____ NO. _____Case No._______
Petitioner, )
_________________________, )
Respondent. )
COMES NOW Respondent and states:
1. I enter my Voluntary Appearance in the above-entitled action;
2. I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Petition for Dissolution of
Marriage as filed herein by Petitioner;
3. I waive the issuance and service of summons and I submit to the
jurisdiction of the court as fully and completely as if such summons had been issued
and served upon me;
4. I reserve the statutory right to demur, answer or further plead;
5. I have read this Voluntary Appearance, understands the same and
executes it as my voluntary act and deed; and
6. I am not a member of the Armed Forces of the United States nor
have I been ordered for induction into the same.
Dated this____day of_________________,200__.
City, State
Note: If signed by your spouse, this must be filed with the Clerk of the District
Court to commence the 60-day waiting period
Nebraska Voluntary Appearance Form