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Nebraska Parenting Plan (Parent-Created) Form

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Nebraska Parenting Plan (Parent-Created) Form
Nebraska Parenting Plan (Parent-Created) Form
FORM NO. DC 6:5(6)
Rev. 8/08. Neb. Rev. Stat.
43-2929. REQUIRED.
(assigned by Clerk of Court)
Because the Mother and Father wish to have this Parenting Plan approved by
the Court in the case of ________________________ vs. _______________________,
(plaintiff’s full name) (defendant’s full name)
Case No. ______________________, filed in the District Court of _________________
(case number assigned by Clerk of Court) (county where Complaint filed)
County, Nebraska, the Mother and Father mutually agree as follows:
1. The best interests of the parents’ minor child(ren) will be maintained
through the ongoing involvement of both the Mother and the Father with
the child(ren).
2. The best interests of the parents’ minor child(ren) also will be maintained
by ensuring regular and continuous school attendance and progress for
school-age child(ren) of the parties.
3. The Mother and Father agree that each parent is a fit and proper person
to be involved in the parenting of the child(ren).
4. The Mother and Father will remain active and involved in parenting the
5. The main reason for this Plan is to establish custody, parenting time,
visitation, and other access arrangements, to determine parenting time to
be spent with the Mother and Father, and to decide how to deal with any
future disagreements between the Mother and Father about this Plan.
6. The Mother and Father understand that the needs of the child(ren) may
change as the child(ren) get(s) older and they will interpret and apply this
Plan in a way that best serves any changing needs of the child(ren).
7. The ________________ (custodial parent) shall have legal custody of the
(mother or father)
child(ren) and, as such, shall have the legal responsibility and authority to
make final decisions concerning the parenting functions necessary to
raising the child(ren).
Nebraska Parenting Plan (Parent-Created) Form