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Modern CV Template 1

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Modern CV Template 1
Modern CV Template 1
John Smith
Curriculum Vitae
"A witty and playful quotation" - John Smith
2011–2012 Masters of Commerce, The University of California, Berkeley, GPA 8.0.
First Class Honours
2007–2010 Bachelor of Business Studies
The University of California
, Berkeley,
GPA 7.5
Specialized in Commerce
Masters Thesis
Title Money Is The Root Of All Evil Or Is It
Supervisors Professor James Smith & Associate Professor Jane Smith
This thesis explored the idea that money has been the cause of untold anguish and
suffering in the world. I found that it has, in fact, not.
2012–Present 1
Year Analyst, Lehman Brothers, Los Angeles.
Developed spreadsheets for risk analysis on exotic derivatives on a wide array
of commodities (ags, oils, precious and base metals), managed blotter and secondary
trades on structured notes, liaised with Middle Office, Sales and Structuring for bookkeeping.
Detailed achievements:
{ Learned how to make amazing coffee
{ Finally determined the reason for PC LOAD LETTER:
- Paper jam
- Software issues:
· Word not sending the correct data to printer
· Windows trying to print in letter format
- Coffee spilled inside printer
{ Broke the office record for number of kitten pictures in cubicle
123 Broadway City, State 12345
H (000) 111 1111 T (000) 111 1112 u (000) 111 1113
B [email protected] Í staff.org.edu/jsmith additional information
Modern CV Template 1