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Missouri Sublease Agreement Form

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Missouri Sublease Agreement Form
Missouri Sublease Agreement Form
This sublease is made on the ______ day of ____________, 20___ by and between _____________________________ (tenant)
and ____________________________________ (subleaser).
The tenant hereby subleases to the subtenant and the subtenant hereby agrees to sublease from the tenant the following described
property located at ______________________________________ (address), for the term beginning on __________, 20___ and
ending on __________, 20___, subject to the following terms and conditions.
1. Rent:
Subtenant agrees to pay as rent the sum of $_______ per month, in advance, beginning __________, 20___ and
payable to the tenant on or before the _______ day of each month. If payment is to be made directly to the landlord, said rent
payment is in full satisfaction of tenant’s obligation to the landlord hereunder.
2. Security Deposit: [use a or b, and cross out the one you do not use]
a: Subtenant agrees to pay to tenant the sum of $_______ as a security deposit for his/her performance of this sublease
and the original lease. Upon the completion of this sublease, subtenant shall be entitled to receive from the landlord the amount
owed by the landlord to the tenant. Subtenant specifically agrees that recovery of this interest in said Security Deposit shall be
made harmless of any liability thereon.
b: The subtenant agrees to pay tenant the sum of $________ as a security deposit. The tenant shall hold this deposit
through the term of the sublease, and return it less amounts withheld as permitted by law (Mo. Rev. Statutes §535.300).
The Security Deposit shall be deposited at ____________________ (name of bank) and shall not be used for any other
purpose than those provided by law. Interest accrued on the deposit for the duration of the sublease at a rate of ______% shall be
given to the subtenant unless there is an amount greater than the security deposit due to the tenant by the subtenant.
3. Original Lease:
Subtenant acknowleges and agrees that he is bound by the terms of the original lease for the duration of his/her
sublease, a copy of which is attached thereto, which is hereby incorporated by reference, and made a part of this sublease.
Subtenant agrees to hold tenant harmless from nonperformance by subtenant of any of the provisions of the original lease.
4. Utilities:
The subtenant shall pay all bills on the following utilities: ________________________________________ beginning
on the starting date of this sublease.
5. Joint and Several Obligation:
If the premises are sublet as a rental unit to more than one subtenant, each subtenant is jointly and severally
(individually) responsible for the total rent agreed to in this sublease.
6. Landlord’s Consent:
Landlord/Management Company representative name: (printed) ______________________________________
Landlord/Management Company representative signature: _______________________________________ is aware of
and consents to this sublet agreement.
7. In Witness Whereof, the parties to this sublease affix their signatures on the _______ day of ____________________, 20 ___.
Tenant name, phone number, and e-mail address Tenant permanent address
____________________________________ ____________________________________
____________________________________ ____________________________________
____________________________________ ____________________________________
Subtenant name, phone number, and e-mail address Subtenant permanent address
________________________________________________ _______________________________________________
________________________________________________ _______________________________________________
________________________________________________ _______________________________________________
Missouri Sublease Agreement Form