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Mississippi Quitclaim Deed Sample

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Mississippi Quitclaim Deed Sample
Mississippi Quitclaim Deed Sample
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GRANTOR: ABC Mickey Mouse, Inc. GRANTEE: John Doe
FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION OF THE SUM OF ten dollars ($10.00), cash in
hand paid, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of all of
which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned, ABC Mickey Mouse, Inc., a
Mississippi corporation, hereinafter referred to as Grantor, does hereby convey, assign
and quitclaim unto John Doe, hereinafter referred to as Grantee, all of its right, title and
interest in that certain parcel situated in Paradise County, Mississippi, to wit:
LAKE ESTATE UNIT 62 PARCEL NO. 28701418F-064-012.000 PPIN
NO. 156489
The purpose of this conveyance is to quitclaim "as is", "where is" any interest
Grantor may hold in the above described property by virtue of a Paradise County,
Mississippi ad valorem 1997 tax sale maturity as deeded to ABC Mickey Mouse, Inc., in
Book ZZ510, Page 314. In no way shall this instrument be construed as to convey or
cover any rights of Grantor arising out of tax sales subsequent to 31 August, 1998.
Furthermore, Grantee herein assumes any and all city and/or county property
taxes which are currently due for tax years 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001, as well as
for any other taxes and/or assessments which are due or may become due on the
above described parcel.
This Quitclaim Deed and Assignment is made subject to any outstanding property
assessments, back or current unpaid property taxes, liens, lis pendens, encumbrances,
deficiencies of any kind, other clouds of title, and/or other items existing, whether or not
filed of record. Furthermore, said Quitclaim is made subject to any and all valid and
outstanding oil, gas, and mineral leases, exceptions, easements, reservations, and
conveyances, and any and all power line easements, and/or other easements or rights of
way of records in the Office of the chancery clerk of the aforementioned state and county.
The Grantee has thoroughly inspected, examined and accepts the parcel along with
any exist</