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Minnesota Last Will And Testament Form

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Minnesota Last Will And Testament Form
Last Will and Testament of _________________
I declare that this is my Will. I hereby revoke all prior Wills.
1. I give my entire estate to______________, if he/she survives me, or if not, to __________ or, if neither
survives me, to my heirs at law
2. I nominate _________ as personal representative of my estate, to serve without bond.
3. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Will, after my death, my personal representative shall not
distribute any part of my estate consisting of:
(a) ideas, manuscripts, books, drawings, pictures, scripts, playscripts, treatments, stories, poetry,
dramas, or any other fiction or nonfiction writings, whether published or unpublished, created in
whole or in part by me (collectively “Writings”),
(b) rights to proceeds from any Writings, rights to publish, exploit, license, or sell any Writings,
contracts for the publication, exploitation, licensing, or sale of any Writings, and any derivative or
secondary rights in or to the Writings or derived from the Writings, as well as
(c) rights to any performances, recordings, readings, or dramatizations by me and my name and
likeness (collectively “Creative Property”),but instead shall transfer all of the Creative Property to
the special trustees named in this Will, to hold in trust in perpetuity (to be known as the “Creative
Property Trust”), as follows:
A. The special trustees shall, in addition to those powers now or hereafter conferred by law or by the
other terms of this Will, solely and exclusively have the following powers with respect to the Creative
(1) To publish, exploit, license, and sell, in the special trustees' sole discretion, any Writings;
(2) To retain any Writings and refrain from publishing, exploiting, licensing, or selling such
Writings for as long as the special trustees deem appropriate, at the risk of the trust estate, in the
special trustees' discretion.
B. Notwithstanding any other designation of the trustee or trustees in this Will, after my death,
_______________, _______________, and _____________ shall serve as special trustees of the Creative
Property Trust. If any of them fails to qualify or ceases to act as a special trustee, the remaining of them
shall designate a successor trustee to serve in his or her place as a special trustee of the Creative Property
C. All income and principal of the Creative Property Trust (other than Creative Property) shall be
distributed immediately upon receipt to __________________________.
I have signed this Will consisting of two (2) pages, this page included, on _______________________,
We certify that in our presence on the date appearing above in the state of Minnesota, the Testator signed
the foregoing instrument and acknowledged it to be the Testator’s Will, that at the Testator’s request and
Minnesota Last Will And Testament Form