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Minnesota Bill of Sale Form For IBM Storage Equipment

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The Minnesota bill of sale form for IBM storage equipment is a legal document provided for the transfer of IBM storage equipment.

Minnesota Bill of Sale Form For IBM Storage Equipment
Minnesota Bill of Sale Form For IBM Storage Equipment
THIS BILL OF SALE, Made as of this ______ day of January 2012;
KNOW BY ALL, That the County of Hennepin, State of Minnesota (“Seller”), for the Total
Price of ______ DOLLARS AND __ CENTS ($____.__), does hereby sell, transfer and convey
to _____, a ______corporation (“Purchaser”), with its principal place of business at ______, all
right, title and interest in IBM Storage Equipment (“Equipment” per attached Exhibit A,
“Equipment Descriptions and Additional Terms and Conditions”) and as set forth in the Proposal
of Purchaser (“Proposal”), marked Exhibit B, and all in accordance with the specifications for
said Proposal, said documents being incorporated herein by this reference.
1. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES OF SELLER. Seller represents and warrants
that Title to the Equipment is held by Seller free and clear of any and all pledges, liens,
encumbrances, security interests or charges of any kind. All Equipment herein is offered “as
is.” The descriptions as set forth in the “Equipment Descriptions and Additional Terms and
Conditions” (Exhibit A) as well as in the Proposal pages in the Invitation for Bids, Contract
No. 3458A1, are for the purpose of convenience only, and do not constitute guarantee or
warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the Equipment.
2. TITLE, TRANSPORTATION, RISK OF LOSS. Title to the Equipment and Risk of Loss
shall pass to Purchaser when Purchaser or its designated representative or carrier takes the
physical possession of the Equipment at Hennepin County Government Center and
Washington Avenue Data Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota (“Locations” or “Facilities”),
respectively. Purchaser shall be responsible for arranging removal, shipment, and paying for
all removal and transportation expenses.
3. REMOVAL OF EQUIPMENT. Equipment will be available for removal by Purchaser on or
after January 20, 2012, and Purchaser must remove the Equipment not later than February
10, 2012. Purchaser shall supervise and direct its employees and/or contractors to use best
care to protect Seller’s property from damage during removal of Equipment. If applicable,
Purchaser or its contractor must use protective material such as masonite in order to protect
the flooring at Seller’s site during Equipment removal if applicable.
4. TAXES. Any personal property taxes assessed in connection with the Equipment after the
transfer of the title shall be borne by Purchaser. The Equipment is being purchased for resale
or lease. Purchaser shall furnish Seller with a sales tax exemption certificate, and any other
documentation required by government authorities.
5. PAYMENT TO SELLER. Purchaser agrees to pay the Total Price as specified in this Bill.
Payment shall be made in full prior to the removal of Equipment.
Minnesota Bill of Sale Form For IBM Storage Equipment