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Michigan Month to Month Lease

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Michigan Month to Month Lease
Michigan Month to Month Lease
Michigan Month-to-Month Lease Agreement
This agreement is required to comply with the truth in renting act.
This Agreement of Lease is made this ____ day of __________, by and between
_________________. Lessor whose address for the purpose of notice under Michigan
Complied Laws 554.631 to 554.641 is ________________________________________,
hereinafter referred to as Landlord and __________________ the Lessee, hereinafter referred
to as Tenant, for premises known as ______________________________, to be used and
occupied strictly as a private residence by the Tenant and those individuals whose names,
ages and relation are specifically set forth in the Rental Application and as recited below:
Occupancy: Only the following individuals may occupy the premises:
For a term to commence ____________, and to end at any given time with a 30 day notice
unless sooner terminated as hereinafter provided, the Tenant, yielding and paying during the
continuance of this Lease to the Landlord for rent of said premises for the said term the sum
of $_______ Dollars commencing _____________ and a like amount on or before the 1st day
of each calendar month during the term.
Rent checks shall be made payable to __________________, and delivered to the Landlord
at:_____________________________. Landlord reserves the right to demand payment in
certified checks, cashier's checks or money orders for the rent or any other payment which
becomes due from Tenants to Landlord. If the rental payment shall be received after the third
(3rd) day from the due date, the Tenant agrees to pay a $50.00 late payment fee, which shall
be deemed additional rent. Further, in the event any payments are made by check that is not
honored by the financial institution, then, in that event, there will be an additional charge of
$50.00 as an administration fee. Failure to pay rent will result in an eviction and termination
of lease.
1. Rent includes the use of the following appliances: Stove, Refrigerator, Dishwasher,
Microwave, Basement Dehumidifier, Washer and Dryer.
2. Utilities: Tenant beginning _____________ will pay Water, Electricity, Heat, Garbage
Removal, and Phone charges. Tenant shall pay for all utilities metered or billed to the
demised premises and shall arrange for the commencement and termination of these
utilities so as to coincide with the term of this Lease. Tenant shall not terminate any
water, gas, heat, or electricity service to the demised premises during the term herein
granted. Should such termination occur due to conduct of Tenant, Tenant shall be
held responsible in damages for any injury to the property of Landlord and recognizes
further that termination of such services during the term hereof would cause a serious
continuing health and safety hazard to the premises demised or the Landlord's
Michigan Month to Month Lease