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Maryland Residential Lease Agreement

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Maryland Residential Lease Agreement
Maryland Residential Lease Agreement
Residential Lease Agreement
THIS LEASE, made this day of 20 , between hereinafter
called Landlord, and called Tenant(s):
WITNESSETH: That the Landlord leases to the Tenant(s) and the Tenant(s) leases from the Landlord for
a term of months, beginning on the day of 20 , and terminating on the
day of 20 , the premises known as
the City of County of State of Maryland for use as a
residential dwelling only, together with the following personal property: Payable
monthly in rental installments of Dollars $
Rent shall be payable monthly in advance on the day of each month without deduction, demand,
or offset at .
or such other place as the Landlord might direct. Landlord /Agent has the right to require rental payment
be made by money order, cashierΚΌs check or certified check. (Especially when personal check is returned)
The parties to this lease recognize and agree that all notices from the Landlord /Agent will be mailed to
Tenant at the leased property address and that all tenant notices to Landlord/Agent will be mailed to:
The parties further agree:
1. ASSIGN, SUBLET AND USE: The Tenant(s) covenants that he will not carry on any business within
the leased premises for any other purpose other than that of private single person/family residence, nor
permit the same to be used for any disorderly or unlawful purpose, nor sublet the said premises, nor
assign this lease without the consent in writing of the Landlord. Pets are NOT permitted on premises
without written permission of the Landlord.
2. TENANT(S) COVENANTS TO PAY RENT (Check here if Utilities also). The Tenant(s) covenants
with the Landlord to pay rent as aforesaid, without demand therefor, and without an deduction therefrom
whatsoever. (If Tenant(s) paying Utilities then he will pay gas and electric bills as they become due and
make all required deposits therefor with utility companies, or adjust for oil remaining in tank, if applicable.)
3. OCCUPANCY: It is hereby agreed and understood between the parties of this instrument that tenancy
created herein will begin as soon as the landlord can deliver possession of the premises to the Tenant(s)
in a habitable condition, or on the date set forth above, whichever occurs first. Tenant pledges to
surrender and deliver keys at termination of occupancy to Landlord/ Agent.
4. MATERIAL REPRESENTATION: Tenant(s) agrees that the statements and representations made on
his signed rental application are material representations and are incorporated into this agreement by
reference, the falsity of which, or any part of them, shall constitute a default here under entitling the
Landlord to possession of said premises.
5. SECURITY DEPOSIT: Tenant(s) agrees to deposit with Landlord/Agent the sum of $
receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, to be returned to said tenant(s) at the end of his occupancy,
provided the tenant(s) is not default under any provision of this agreement, and subject to any deductions
necessary to replace or repair missing or damaged furniture or equipment or to repair damage to property
caused by tenant(s), his family, guests, or pets, or by any negligence of the tenant(s), excepting ordinary
wear and tear, or adjustment of pro rata share of utilities of any outstanding bills which may be required.
Tenant(s) liability for damages, however, is not limited to the amount of security deposit.
Maryland Residential Lease Agreement