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Marketing Plan Template 1

Marketing Plan Template 1
Marketing Plan Template 1
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Marketing Plan Template
Summary of marketing plan (Goals of the marketing plan, how it supports your overall
business plan; objectives--support the goals, action steps and daily activities to implement
the plan.):
Product Overview (brief description of compost product, marketing goals, such as sales
Customer Analysis - Target Market – Who are our customers
We will be selling primarily to:
! Direct market retail customers
! Garden centers/other retailers
! Nurseries/Silviculture
! Erosion control
! Agricultural applications
! Sod production
! Turf grass
! Public Works
! Construction sites
! Top soil producers
! Golf courses
! Greenhouse growers
! Landscapers/lawn care
! Other:
We will be targeting customers by:
Product line:
Geographic area (which areas Distance from operation):
Demographics (e.g., Home ownership Other)
Psycographic (local, farm produced):
Sales (Target sales of___):
Needs/Preferences of customers:
Competition Analysis – Who are our competitors
Company Contact
Types of products/
How Packaged
Price range
Market forecast (market needs analysis)—how competitive is the market What are
the market and industry trends:
Marketing Plan Template 1