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Maine Vehicles Power of Attorney Form 1

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Maine Vehicles Power of Attorney Form 1
Maine Vehicles Power of Attorney Form 1
Staab Agency
Shirley St. Pierre / Statutory Agent
P. O. Box 942 / 259 Goose Hill Road
Jefferson, Me 04348
Tel: 800-648-8805 / (207)-549-7541
Fax: (207)-549-7638
Thank you for inquiring about our registration service.
As a Statutory Agent, we process the necessary forms to properly register and/or title
your semi-trailer(s) and/or chassis. We have today’s technology and are equipped to
handle any amount of trailers, from one to thousands. For your convenience, we insure
you the fastest possible service in Maine, including: Same day Service. We have
been in business for over 35 years and are currently serving over 30,000 customers. Call
today to hear the advantages of registering in Maine.
Trailers 1995 and newer we need a title. If your unit(s) is older than 1995, you will
need to provide a copy of the Bill of Sale or a prior registration. For units that are 1995
and newer please send us the original title to be titled in Maine.
Please fill out the following paperwork for all the necessary information. We have
provided you with all the information needed to register your unit(s).
Make sure that we have the following information:
1. Phone number: Date of birth if individual customer, Federal Identification Number
if you are a company.
2. Correct amount of money (see attached schedule). Make all checks/money orders
payable to STAAB AGENCY. We also accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover
(Credit cards transactions are subject to a 5% processing fee).
3. The attached Power of Attorney form must be completed and notarized. This is to
be paid one time per customer.
We will not process any paperwork unless all necessary paperwork is received. You
may apply for a plate and registration on any model year.
FOR THE YEAR IN WHICH YOU REGISTER. As your agent, we will notify you
prior to your plate expiration.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at the telephone above.
Shirley St. Pierre
President / Owner
Revised 12/12/2011
Maine Vehicles Power of Attorney Form 1