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Louisiana Residential Agreement To Buy Or Sell

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Louisiana Residential Agreement To Buy Or Sell
Louisiana Residential Agreement To Buy Or Sell
Date: _________________________________ 3
PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: I/We offer and agree to Buy/Sell the property at: 5
(Municipal Address) __________________________________________________________________________ 6
City ______________________________; Zip _______________; Parish ______________________; Louisiana, 7
(Legal Description)___________________________________________________________________________ 8
on lands and grounds measuring approximately ____________________________________________________ 10
or as per record title; including all buildings, structures, component parts, and all installed, built-in, permanently 11
attached improvements, together with all fences, security systems, all installed speakers or installed sound 12
systems, all landscaping, all outside TV antennas, all satellite dishes, all installed and/or built-in appliances, all 13
ceiling fans, all air conditioning or heating systems including window units, all bathroom mirrors, all window 14
coverings, blinds and associated hardware, all shutters, all flooring, all carpeting, all cabinet tops, all cabinet 15
knobs or handles, all doors, all door knobs or handles, all windows, all roofing, all electrical systems, and all 16
installed lighting fixtures, chandeliers and associated hardware, other constructions permanently attached to the
ground. If owned by the SELLER prior to date of this Agreement, standing timber, unharvested crops and 18
ungathered fruits of trees on the property shall be conveyed to the BUYER. The following movable items here 19
remain with the property, but are not to be considered as part of the Sale Price and have no value: __________ 20
__________________________________________________________________________________________. 22
All items listed herein are included in the property sold no matter how they are attached or installed, provided that
any or all of these items are in place at the time of signing of this Agreement to Buy or Sell (the
“Agreement”),unless otherwise stated herein. (All of the above contained in lines 5 through 22 are collectively 25
referred to herein as the “Property.”) The following items are excluded from the Property sold: 26
__________________________________________________________________________________________ 27
__________________________________________________________________________________________. 29
MINERAL RIGHTS: If SELLER transfers any mineral rights, they are to be transferred without warranty. 31
________% mineral rights owned by SELLER are to be reserved by SELLER and the SELLER shall waive any 32
right to use the surface for any such reserved mineral activity or use. 33
PRICE: The Property will be sold and purchased subject to title and zoning restrictions, servitudes of record, and 35
law or ordinances affecting the Property for the sum of ______________________________________________ 36
________________________________________________Dollars ($___________________) (the “Sale Price”). 37
ACT OF SALE: The Act of Sale is to be executed before a settlement agent or Notary Public to be chosen by 39
BUYER, on _________________________, 20_____, or before if mutually agreed upon. At closing, BUYER must 40
provide "good funds" if required by Louisiana statute LA R.S. 22:2092.2 et seq. Any change of the date for 41
execution of the Act of Sale must be mutually agreed upon in writing and signed by SELLER and BUYER. 42
Security deposits and keys are to be transferred to BUYER at Act of Sale. 43
BUYER’S Initials _____ _____ Page 1 of 7 SELLER’S Initials _____ _____
ABS Rev. 01/01/10
Listing Firm
Selling Firm
Seller’s Designated Agent
Dual Agent
Buyer’s Designated Agent
Phone Number Office Fax
Phone Number Office Fax
Email Address
Email Address
Delivered by Designated Agent to Day Date Time AM/PM
Received by Designated Listing Agent Day Date Time AM/PM
Louisiana Residential Agreement To Buy Or Sell