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Letter of Transmittal Example 2

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Letter of Transmittal Example 2
Letter of Transmittal Example 2
TO:$$ $ [Institution$Rep re sen tativ e$N ame/title]$$
$ $ [Institution$Name]$
$ $ $
$ $ Cynthia$Brooks$$
REFERENCE:$$ Electronic$Report$Submittal$[report$nam e ]$
DATE:$$ $ February$17,$2010$
being!submitted!to![institution$represen ta tiv e$name$&$title]!of!![institu tio n $ nam e]!o n ![date].!This!letter!
further!certifies!that!exact,!duplica te !e le c tro nic!copies!o f !th e ![re port$na m e]!we re !su b m itte d !to!b o th !
[institut io n $re p r e s e n ta tiv e$name $& $tit le ]!o f!the ![ins tit u tio n $n a me]!and!Cynthia!Brooks,!!Office!of!Re a l!
The!electronic!file!is!described!as:![#$page s,$file $s ize ,$f ile $da t e],!co nt ain ed !o n ![Media$description$$e.g.$
usb$drive,$1$compact$disc],!and!the!m e d ia!is!la be le d!w ith !“ [report$na m e,$com pan y$nam e,$street$
Originals!of!the!table!o f!c o n te n t s;!sig n e d!ce rtification!statement!as!required!by!40!CFR!312.21(d)!are!
included !with!the!e le ct ro n ic !media!su b mittal.!!
[For!OREF:]!Media! was!mailed!via!(FedEx,!UPS,!or!other!tracea ble !means)!addressed!to!Cynthia!Brooks!
(OREF)!o n ![d a te ].!
In!addit io n ,!the!original!hardcopy!of!the!report(s)!was/were!submitted!to![institutio n $r e p re s e n t a tiv e $
name$&$title]!at![institution $n a me].!
Enclosures:! Table!of!contents!
! ! Original!signed!certificat io n !st a te ment!as!re q u ir e d !b y !4 0 !C F R !3 1 2 .2 1 (d )!
! !
Letter of Transmittal Example 2