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Lease Termination Letter

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Lease Termination Letter
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February 23, 2012
Mr. Joan Smith
1239, South Plaza,
New York,
Dear Mr. Smith,
Sub: Termination of Lease of my House.
Ref: Our Lease Deed dated 19
February, 2010.
I would like to notify that I intend to terminate the Lease Deed of my House No. 1239
with effect from March 1, 2012. I understand it will cause inconvenience to you but as
my son is returning from London, I need the house again for him.
Thus, I would like to request you to vacate my house on or before 15
March 2012 and
give me vacant possession of the same and oblige.
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Sean Peterson
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Lease Termination Letter