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Kansas Parenting Plan Form

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Kansas Parenting Plan Form
Kansas Parenting Plan Form
Rev. 01/12 ©KSJC
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In the Matter of:
(Name of Spouse Filing) Case No. _____________________
(Name of Other Spouse)
This Parenting Plan is
temporary permanent.
Proposed by Father Proposed by Mother Agreed by Mother and Father Developed by the Court.
After due consideration, the Court enters the following Parenting Plan that serves the child(ren)’s best interests on
this _____ day of ________________________, 20_____:
This parenting plan applies to the following children:
Full Name of Child Gender Birth Date (Month/Yr) and Age
M F __________________________
M F __________________________
M F __________________________
M F __________________________
M F __________________________
Section II. Legal Custody (Decision-Making)
A. Joint Legal Custody. Mother and Father shall have joint legal custody of their minor child(ren). "Joint legal
custody" means that both parents have equal rights to particip
ate in, contribute to, and have responsibility for
tters of health and education in their child(ren)'s best interests. Neither parent's rights are superior to the
other parent's rights, and they should cooperate to determine what is in their children’s best interests.
B. Sole Legal Custody. Joint legal custody is not in the child(ren)’s best interests. “Sole legal custody” means
that the parent granted sole legal custody has the primary right to decide matters of health and education in the
child(ren)'s best interests. The parent not granted sole legal custody may make emergency decisions affecting
the child(ren)’s health or safety when the child(ren) are in that parent's physical care and control. The grant of
sole legal custody to one parent does not deprive the other parent of access to information regarding the
child(ren) unless the court specifically orders, stating the reasons for that determination.
1. Sole legal custody is granted to
Mother Father for the following reasons:
a. Agreement of the parents.
Kansas Parenting Plan Form