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Kansas Office Lease Agreement

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Kansas Office Lease Agreement
Kansas Office Lease Agreement
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Commercial Office Lease Contract 2010
THIS LEASE is made as of _____________, _____, between __________________________________ (“Landlord”),
with an address of ______________________________________________________________________ and
______________________________________________ (“Tenant”), with an address of _______________________,
_____________________________________________________who hereby agree as follows:
1. PREMISES. Subject to the covenants and conditions of this Lease. Landlord leases to Tenant, and Tenant leases
from Landlord, the premises (the “Premises”) commonly known and numbered as
__________________________________ in the City of ________________________________________, County of
___________________________________, State of _________________________, and further described as:
___________________ together with the right of ingress and egress and the non-exclusive use of common areas, if any.
2. USE OF PREMISES. The Premises shall be used for general office purposes and for no other purposes without the
prior written consent of Landlord. Tenant and its employees, agents, customers and invitees shall at all times fully
comply with all (i) zoning, building code, fire code and other laws, ordinances, regulations and public requirements, and
(ii) all rules and regulations adopted by Landlord or the Property Manager for the Building, which may be changed from
time to time (a current copy of which are attached hereto as Exhibit “C”). In no event shall Tenant, its employees,
agents, customers or invitees, use the Premises for any illegal activity. The Premises shall not be used for any retail
business or other business which caters to the general public or which would cause an unusual amount of vehicular or
pedestrian traffic through or at the Building, or which would cause a substantial increase in usage of the Common
Areas (as defined herein), including the elevators and hallways of the Building. Tenant shall store no items outside the
Premises. If Landlord experiences an increase in insurance premiums due to Tenant’s use of the Premises, then
Tenant shall pay to Landlord the amount of the increase, on demand, as Additional Rent hereunder. Tenant shall not
create or permit any nuisance or waste, or interfere with other Tenants in their enjoyment of their Premises or interfere
with Landlord in the maintenance and operation of the Building. Tenant shall obtain all necessary licensing and
registrations for its use and operation of the Premises, and shall pay when due all applicable license and registration
fees. Landlord shall have no responsibility whatsoever for obtaining or paying for the same. Tenant shall defend and
indemnify Landlord from any liability or expense resulting from Tenant’s failure to comply with the terms of this Section.
3. TERM. The Term of this Lease (the “Term”) is for _______ years and ______ months, commencing on the
________________ day of ______________, and ending on the ___________ day of ______________________.
4. RENT PAYMENTS. (a) Basic Rent. Tenant shall pay to Landlord $_________________ as rent in monthly
installment over the Term of this Lease. The first monthly rent installment of $____________ shall be paid at the
execution of this Lease and all subsequent monthly rent installments shall be due on the first day of each succeeding
month during the Term. The amount of each monthly rent installment shall be as follows:
Each monthly installment is due payable in advance without notice or demand at Landlord’s above stated address, or at
any other place Landlord designates in writing.
(b) Additional Rent. Tenant shall pay as Additional Rent that portion of its Proportionate Share of the Operating
Expenses of the Building which exceeds the Expense Stop, or Base Year as set forth in the Basic Lease Terms. If the
Premises are expanded or reduced, the Proportionate Share shall be recalculated accordingly. The term “Operating
Expenses” shall mean: all Building expenses, costs and disbursements of every kind for the ownership, management,
operation, repair, maintenance, securit
y and monitoring of the Building (“Building Activities”), including without
limitation: (i) the costs of all personnel engaged in Building Activities (exclusive of Landlord’s executive personnel),
including all wages, salaries, fees, employee benefits and taxes or other costs relating thereto (if personnel are working
at more than one property, the personnel costs shall be prorated among the properties on an equitable basis); (ii) all
supplies and materials used in Building Activities; (iii) all costs of third-party contractors or vendors relating to Building
Activities, including without limitation janitorial service, trash and snow removal, lawn services, security or monitoring
services, elevator maintenance and parking area monitoring and maintenance; (iv) all insurance costs including costs of
casualty and liability insurance on the Building and its systems, equipment and furnishings, business interruption
insurance, and other insurance required by any mortgagees or deed of trust lenders; (v) all taxes, assessments and
other governmental charges (whether federal, state or local) relating to the Building or Building Activities, including costs
related to efforts to obtain any reductions in any such taxes, assessments or charges (Tenant waives any right to protest
or appeal any such taxes, in favor of Landlord’s right to do so), and also including any taxes which may be hereafter
imposed on rents (other than Landlord’s ordinary income taxes); (vi) all costs of repairs, replacements and maintenance
of the Building and its systems, equipment and furnishings; (vii) the costs of those capital improvements which (although
capital in nature) are designed to or which may result in a reduction in the normal operating costs of the Building, or
Kansas Office Lease Agreement