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Job Offer Letter Sample 3

Job Offer Letter Sample 3
Job Offer Letter Sample 3
Name & Address of Candidate
I am writing to confirm my offer of a position at as a . The
hours will be per week daily. This position is offered subject to
satisfactory reference and pre-employment checks and completion of the three-month
probationary period during which time your performance will be reviewed.
This is a permanent position and you will therefore be entitled to all staff benefits. Your starting
date will be . You will be paid at a rate of per hour. Your salary will be paid
directly into your bank account on the of each month. You will be entitled to
days holiday per year pro-rata, plus Bank Holidays. The Holiday year runs from Jan 1st - Dec 31st.
Please find enclosed clearance forms which I would be grateful if you could complete and return to
me as soon as possible.
We are all looking forward to working with you and hope you will soon feel part of the team. If you
have any questions, please contact me.
Yours sincerely
Job Offer Letter Sample 3