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Iowa Martial Settlement Agreement Form

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Iowa Martial Settlement Agreement Form
Iowa Martial Settlement Agreement Form
When should this form be used
This form should be used when the parties desire to enter into a Separation Agreement to be effective
immediately. This form is for married persons with children with joint property or debts. This
form is for the State of Iowa.
This form should be completed on your computer, typed or printed in black ink. Both parties must sign
the Agreement and have their signatures witnessed by a notary public. You may desire to print and
sign duplicate originals so that both parties will have a signed original of the document.
Transfers of Title to Property
This form may not be sufficient to transfer title to property such as real estate, automobiles and other
property to be divided. These transfers must be done by a deed, bill of sale, title or other instruction
before the ownership is final.
Opportunity to Consult with Attorney
This Agreement provides that you were given an opportunity to consult with an attorney of your choice
prior to execution of the Agreement.
Divorce Proceeding
This form provides that the parties intend to be bound by this Agreement as a contract between the
parties regardless of whether a divorce action is filed. Certain conduct may invalidate the Agreement
such as cohabitation and sexual relations with each other after signing the Agreement. If a divorce
action is filed, the Court may or may not be bound by all provisions contained in the Agreement. For
example, Courts generally have the final say about child custody, child support, alimony and other like
Iowa Martial Settlement Agreement Form