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Interest Letter from Student

Interest Letter from Student
Interest Letter from Student
Dear Mr. Green,
I will receive my Bachelors of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology this May. A recruiter from Dallas Polymer gave a presentation to
engineers in my graduating class, and I was very impressed. I am interested in applying for the
production engineer position in your manufacturing department.
As one of my engineering electives, I took Polymer Science and finished at the top of my class. I
am fascinated by the integration of engineering and chemistry used in your cutting-edge plastics
production. Last summer, I completed an internship with Plas-Tech Incorporated as a process
engineer. I developed a solid foundation in the polymer industry and an understanding of how to
optimize the profitability of capital projects.
I look forward to hearing more about this opportunity at Dallas Polymer. I am excited to pursue
a career with your company and would like to demonstrate how I am an ideal candidate for this
position. Please call me at (617) 555-3333 or email me at [email protected]
Thank you for your consideration.
Ellen Jones
Interest Letter from Student